Superior Quality Plastic Products for the Mining Industry:

FSP America has decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying high-end plastic products for the mining industry. Our products are made from high-density polyethylene and are reliable for the harsh working conditions of the mining industry.

Heavy-duty Plastic Lockers for the Mining Industry:

We offer a wide range of heavy-duty plastic lockers for the mining industry. Our spacious lockers are ideal for storing equipment, safety gear, uniforms, and more. With an additional locking system, these lockers are highly secure making them ideal for keeping mobile phones, laptops and other essential documents.

Industrial-grade Fire Safety Equipment for the Mining Industry:

Our fire safety equipment for the mining industry is resistant to heavy impacts, corrosive elements, and harsh weather conditions. In addition, this equipment is UV stabilized and will maintain optimum functionality for many years.

For more details on our fire safety products and plastic lockers for the mining industry, please call on 832 808 5251 or email us at