Plastic Storage Locker – A Versatile and Low Maintenance Storage Solution

Does the locker room in your organization need updating? Replace the noisy, rusted and dented
metal lockers with more resilient and attractive plastic lockers.

Gone are the days when sharp edged, old and dented lockers used to adorn the halls and
corridors of an organisation. The new-age and heavy duty plastic lockers offer a contemporary, stylish, convenient
and highly sustainable storage solutions.Read More

One-Stop Destination For All Your Storage Problems

A trusted and reputed brand, FSP America is a leading distributor of an array of
long-lasting plastic lockers. Serving several industries and delivering innovative solutions for over 20 years, we
understand the unique storage challenges faced by different businesses. For this reason, we deliver lockers that are
tailored to accommodate your unique needs.

Traditionally, metal lockers have always been in the past a choice for an organization –
be it schools, offices, gyms and even fitness clubs. Despite its prevalence and popularity, this material doesn’t
present a feasible solution. Metals are prone to weathering elements like humidity, air and temperature fluctuations
and are unable to hold up to the daily wear and tear.

Not to mention, these lockers are prone to rust when exposed to moisture. Compared to
purchasing heavy-duty plastic lockers for your premises, you will get full value for your investment.

Constructed from high density polyethylene plastic, these lockers are resilient to
collisions, dents, abrasions and humid conditions. Therefore, there’s no need to repaint them every year or spend
money on their maintenance. Our durable locker solutions come with a 15-years warranty and possess extreme endurance
to multiple blows without cracking.

Take a Step Towards Saving the Planet with Our Sustainable Solutions

With climate concerns and depleting natural resources, businesses are increasingly
adopting sustainable solutions. Our range of lockers are made from HDPE and contributes towards achieving the goals
of sustainability.

Being completely recyclable products, these lockers play an instrumental role in
improving the sound quality of the premises as they are low-noise. Metal lockers have been notorious for being too
loud with all their slamming and banging noises. Contrary to this, plastic lockers by FSP America, are known to
reduce the hallway noises with softer operating sound levels.

Rather than heading for a landfill once its years are up, these lockers can be remanufactured back into the original product or into other plastic products.