Plastic Storage Locker – A Versatile and Low Maintenance Storage Solution

Does the locker room in your organization need updating? Replace the noisy, rusted and dented
metal lockers with more resilient and attractive plastic lockers.

Gone are the days when sharp edged, old and dented lockers used to adorn the halls and
corridors of an organisation. The new-age and heavy duty plastic lockers offer a contemporary, stylish, convenient
and highly sustainable storage solutions.Read More

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    A Series – School Lockers Quick View
    • A Series – School Lockers Quick View
    • A Series – School Lockers
    • Here's the perfect solution if you want to save money on locker maintenance Schools or businesses installing FSP COOL LOCKERS® Plastic Lockers have many reasons to be confident that they have one of the most vandal resistant and durable lockers available today. Features: UV resistant. Won't dent. Solid colour (no Paint or laminate). Corrosion and Weather resistant. Secure locker loop…

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    • Porch – Parcel Locker Quick View
    • Porch – Parcel Locker
    • Outdoor Safe and Secure Heavy-Duty Parcel Locker  Porch/Parcel lockers  features Reduces parcel theft. Lasts for decades. Water resistant - Easy to clean - Quickly wash off any dust or marks. Rust free lockers - plastic and stainless steel UV stabilized - no sun cracking of shrinking. Great solution for outdoor and indoor storage. You will have flexibility for your home…
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    • Storage Locker Quick View
    • Storage Locker
    • Discover! Must-have emergency lockers, ideal storage solution for staff … Now! Heavy-duty lockers reduce storage costs.  emergency P.P.E. lockers suitable for decades. Hook and hang rails store uniforms wrinkle free your clothes are ready to wear. Water resistant quickly clean off any dust or marks. you will have rust free lockers. UV stable have an outdoor storage area. you have…

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  • 2 Doors
    School Locker – 2 Door Quick View
    • School Locker – 2 Door Quick View
    • School Locker – 2 Door
    • Two door School Locker 4 Tier Height - Standard Green Comfortably fits most backpacks and room for other books and items. This Locker is one of our most popular door configurations for schools. Can be quickly staked onto of another 4 tier 2 door locker for the ideal storage option for a school hallway. The Lockers come with a 15-year…

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