Plastic Safety Pyramid Sign

Custom Decal and reflective available.

Heavy-duty plastic polyurethane signage for workshop, road construction factory and mining sites.

(H x W x D)
900 x 900 x 800mm

Plastic Safety Pyramid Sign Features:

SP Safety Signs come in a variety of colours with optional decals.

Commonly used decals include:

  • “Haul Trucks in Operation”
  • “Caution Work in Progress”
  • “Hazards Ahead”
  • “Proceed with Caution”

Decals are available as standard or reflective stickers for added safety. Signage provides 360 degree visibility.

Available Colours:
White, Red, Blue, Green, Magenta, Yellow (Signs)
White, Blue, Red, Black (Text)

Additional Information

Weight 6 Lbs

Length 700in

Height 610in

Width 700in

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