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Looking for Fire Safety Equipment Suppliers? Read This...

Premium, UV stable and long lasting fire and safety equipment play a key role in ensuring safe working conditions. If you are looking for heavy-duty and cost-effective safety products in the USA, FSP America offers many solutions.

FSP America is one of the reputed and leading safety equipment suppliers and possess over 2 decades of extensive experience in this field. Our range of fire safety equipment are UV-resistant, rust/corrosion proof and ergonomic and ideal for hazardous work sites.

Looking for Lockers Suppliers in the United States? We Have Got the Best Solution

Whether you want heavy-duty lockers for schools, offices or gyms, our line of durable and UV resistant lockers in the USA will address your storage needs.

These lockers are built to last and are ideal for all environments. Our line of lockers are UV stable and available in 25 different colours. Lightweight and stackable, these lockers are easy to move and install.

The polyethylene construction has no seams and welds, which means there are no splits to offer entry points. Backed by our 15 year warranty, lockers are durable and last for years.

Explore Wide Range of Safety Equipment in Houston

Made using advanced engineering, our heavy-duty safety equipment is designed to withstand any harsh working conditions. Our UV stabilised products come in different anti fade colors and are rust resistant. Passed through a rigorous testing process, our products are highly durable, making them ideal for use in various industries like: mining. fire and safety, storage, road safety

Our versatile range of products include:

Hose reels, Fire extinguisher cabinet, Multipurpose cabinets, Road safety equipment, Lockers for schools, gyms and offices, Plastic wheel chocks, Safety signs

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Build your lockers…your way.

The OZ LOKA® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility. Choose different body base sizes / footprints. Choose different sized doors and different door colours in the same locker bank or within a single locker body.