Heavy-Duty and Colourful Range of Plastic Lockers for Pre-Schools 

Keep bags, toys, books and the other school essentials organized at your pre-school. Preschool lockers aren’t simply storage solutions, they also help create a welcoming and safe environment for early childhood education. If you are looking for a durable, colorful and customizable range of lockers for your preschool, get in touch with FSP America.

FSP America is a highly reputed manufacturing company known for delivering world-class, Australian made, heavy-duty and child safe polyethylene and polyurethane plastic lockers. Being a forerunner of innovative technology within the plastic industry, we offer unrivalled and supremely durable pre-school lockers. These lockers are made from sturdy high-quality plastic and are resistant to corrosion and rust. Available in 25 different anti-fade colours, our lockers have soft corners and edges, reducing the chances of any injuries to preschool children. 

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