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    A Series – School Lockers Quick View
    • A Series – School Lockers Quick View
    • A Series – School Lockers
    • Here's the perfect solution if you want to save money on locker maintenance Schools or businesses installing FSP COOL LOCKERS® Plastic Lockers have many reasons to be confident that they have one of the most vandal resistant and durable lockers available today. Features: UV resistant. Won't dent. Solid colour (no Paint or laminate). Corrosion and Weather resistant. Secure locker loop…

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    • Storage Locker Quick View
    • Storage Locker
    • Discover! Must-have emergency lockers, ideal storage solution for staff … Now! Heavy-duty lockers reduce storage costs.  emergency P.P.E. lockers suitable for decades. Hook and hang rails store uniforms wrinkle free your clothes are ready to wear. Water resistant quickly clean off any dust or marks. you will have rust free lockers. UV stable have an outdoor storage area. you have…

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    • Wardrobe Locker Quick View
    • Wardrobe Locker
    • Designed for mining and industry this wardrobe locker features ventilation and drainage allowing you to hose it out regularly without damaging the product. FSP Cool Lockers® are a great innovative and long-lasting alternative to the traditional metal and wood lockers. Made from polyethylene, they are designed to last.

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Ultra Durable Police Lockers for Supreme Security

A police officer’s life is extremely demanding. With all the grueling working conditions and untimely shifts, these personnel are required to be super prepared to tackle any emergency situation. Given the need to always be on the toes to control law and order, these personnel have to be agile and their gears must be easily and readily accessible.

That’s the reason why a long lasting, heavy duty and ergonomic storage unit is a must-have. Emergency services like police, firefighters or rescue teams need a robust locker to keep crucial documents, official gears, firearms and evidence secure.

For years, metal lockers have been an extremely popular choice. However, these storage units, when exposed to humidity and moisture, starts rusting. This eventually results in jammed and difficult to operate doors.

If you are looking to upgrade your locker rooms, get in touch with experts from FSP America and explore a series of advanced options.

One Piece Construction That Gives You Extra Break-in Protection

Our lockers are manufactured using engineering technology and contain no seams or joins in their construction. This one piece body of solid plastic with a tamper proof door which means it is the most secured locker in its class. FSP America is one of the most trusted names in the country with extensive experience of over 2 decades in distributor of high density polyethylene police lockers.

For years, we have closely observed the unique storing challenges faced by emergency services. Therefore, our large array of enduring, rust-proof and zero maintenance lockers address these needs.

Our time-tested range of lockers are one-piece construction providing it with extra protection against any attempts of break-in, vandalism or tampering . Moreover, unlike the metal lockers which rust and dents with time, these lockers don’t require regular repairs and repainting. This means the maintenance cost falls steeply.

It comes with a 15- year warranty so you can cease replacing lockers every few years.

Moreover, these lockers come with a patented padlock loop system which keeps the confidential evidence records, uniforms, and other gears safe. Built to last for years, it’s next to impossible to jimmy open our lockers. Hence, they provide the most secure place to keep the crucial evidence and other personal belongings. These supremely sturdy and UV stable lockers offer ideal solutions for organisations like police stations, fire stations, military installations and more.

Explore the latest collection of our durable police lockers today!