Redefining Industrial Locker Storage Space

If you’re looking for a reliable industrial locker storage solution to help boost organization and efficiency in your workplace, FSP America has got you covered. With over 20 years of experience designing and distributing industrial lockers for workers, FSP America has earned its reputation as one of the top distributors in the industry.

Our industrial and mining lockers are made from high-density polyethylene plastic, making them strong, UV stable, and low maintenance. They’re designed to last and cannot be cut or jimmied open, providing unparalleled security and safety for your workers’ valuables. Additionally, we can customize these lockers according to your specific needs.

Organize and Secure Your Belongings with Industrial Storage Lockers

In busy industrial workplaces, time is money, and nothing is more frustrating than wasting precious time searching for the right tool or part. To avoid such situations and streamline your operations, you need reliable and organized FSP America’s industrial storage lockers that keep your supplies in one place and easily accessible.

Our Cool Lockers®’s spacious and customizable compartments allow you to store and sort your equipment and materials according to your preferences and needs. Whether you need shelves, dividers, hangers, or drawers, our industrial lockers have what you need. Plus, with their sturdy and durable construction, our industrial storage lockers offer long-lasting protection and security for your valuable supplies.

Besides the practical benefits of industrial lockers, they also contribute to a safer and more focused work environment, through such benefits as:

  • Secure Your Worker’s Belongings: By providing individual lockers for your workers, you reduce the risk of theft, loss, or accidental damage of their personal belongings and equipment.
  • Enhanced Professional Appearance: Your workplace will exude a professional look and feel by providing heavy-duty, stylish lockers.
  • Foster Sense of Belonging: Offering employees storage spaces fosters belonging, enhances productivity, and promotes accountability, motivating them to take better care of their tools and materials.
  • Personalization of Individual Lockers: Employees can personalize their lockers according to their taste, allowing them to feel more at home, which fosters productivity. Your workers can focus better on their tasks and avoid distractions or interruptions.
  • Privacy and Social Interaction: Provide privacy to your employees while promoting social interaction in common areas.

Our Comprehensive Cool Lockers® Solution to Suit All Business Needs

Our Cool Lockers® are designed to meet the different storage needs of your establishment. These lockers come in various shapes, sizes, and depths, making them suitable for various industries, from large corporations to small-scale offices.

This range includes:

  1. A Series – The Most Popular Locker Solution: These are an ideal choice for various workspaces and provide ample space to accommodate a backpack and even a motorcycle helmet.
  2. B Series – Added Depth for Maximum Storage: These lockers offer the same width as “A series” but have added depth to accommodate coat hooks and accessory rails, making them ideal for storing extensive tools and equipment.
  3. C Series – Wider and Deeper Storage Solution: Designed to accommodate larger items, surpassing the dimensions of the “A series” lockers in width and depth, these lockers provide an excellent storage solution for employees who frequently need to store substantial items.
  4. D Series – Narrow Storage Solution: These storage solutions are narrower, making them ideal for establishments seeking to maximize storage capacity while optimizing space. They are particularly effective for storing personal items such as backpacks and smaller belongings.
  5. E Series – Smallest Footprint Lockers: These lockers have the smallest footprint in our catalog, perfect for space optimization in industrial sites. They offer convenient and secure storage for personal items, bags, small laptops, or tablets.
  6. F Series (Phone Locker) – Secure Storage for Personal Belongings: Ideal for workplaces, these lockers provide a secure storage solution for employees’ personal items such as phones, wallets, and jewelry. Before heading to their desks, individuals can confidently store their smaller yet valuable belongings.
  7. Tool Series – The Ultimate Solution for Tool and Equipment Storage: Our range of tool series lockers offers a secure storage solution for commercial tools and equipment. You can rest assured that valuable tools will be safely stored with our meticulously designed lockers.
  8. “1800 Series” – Specially Designed for Mining, Food, and Chemical Industries: These lockers are specifically designed with features to allow for ventilation and drainage, making them appropriate for mining, food, and chemical industries. Additionally, these lockers are equipped with hanging rails and fixed shelves, making them great for drying towels or clothes.
  9. Wardrobe Series – Suitable for Storing Work Uniforms: These purpose-built lockers offer a dedicated storage solution for lab coats and work uniforms. Featuring a practical design and generous space, they guarantee an organized and easily accessible wardrobe. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome a streamlined storage solution for work-place garments.

Customize Your Lockers with Our Range of Accessories

Want to add that personal touch?

Our range of accessories for your customized industrial lockers includes:

  • Padlocks
  • Combination locks
  • Nameplates
  • Sloping tops
  • Kicker bases
  • Shelves
  • Clothes rails and hooks

Our industrial storage lockers are designed with sturdy construction, customizable compartments, and a wide range of accessories. They are the perfect solution to optimize your organization and boost productivity while ensuring the security of on-site items.

Whether you need personal lockers, equipment lockers, wardrobe lockers, or modular lockers, FSP America has you covered. Our team of experts is always available to offer advice and assistance if needed.

Contact us today to learn more about our locker options and how we can help enhance your industrial storage.

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Why Choose Ozloka?

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    Why Choose Cool Lockers?



    Proven strength and durability. One piece constructed body. With stands heavy knocks or impact.

    Safe & Secure

    Safe storage of personal items assured, simply add a padlock.

    Recyclable Materials

    Eco friendly lockers can be recycled to create other FSP plastic products.

    Custom Colours

    Wide range of colours available to personalise your lockers.

    Simple Setup

    Light weight, fully assembled and easy to set up.



    Freely stack and sort your lockers to suit your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    Compared to metal or laminate lockers, Cool Lockers® lockers plastic lockers won’t rust, dent and are UV stabilised, lightweight and water-resistant. Refer to our youtube link –
    Cool Lockers® lockers can be installed either inside or outside (preferably undercover). They are UV stable, water-resistant and heavy-duty. Built for all areas.

    Yes, you can. You can have any color body from our standard and premium colors. Link to our color chart. Checkout the locker builder process –

    Cool Lockers® lockers are very robust. Whilst most other lockers require maintenance and spare parts for damaged components our lockers require very little maintenance and no spare parts. That is, you can wash out the lockers at the end of the year and clean with soapy water if you wish to remove dirt and in my experience, you will not require any spare parts. Refer to our youtube link –

    Cool Lockers® lockers arrived fully assembled and ready for install. No flatpacks or assembly are required.

    Cool Lockers® supply plastic batons and components to attach the locker together in the configuration that is required. However, the components to secure the lockers to a wall need to be supplied by the installer. Refer to our installation guide.

    We recycle all of the polyethylene scrap and offcuts we produce in our factory into the shelves, bases and dividers. There is simply not enough recycled polyethylene for our locker manufacturing so we do purchase some virgin PE. All of our lockers are 100% recyclable, in fact in the unlikely event that many years in the future you do not require the lockers we will be happy to 100% recycle them into new lockers.

    View Our Product Catalog Online Now

    Receive Our Latest Catalog in the Mail

      Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

      How long do FSP America’s industrial and mining lockers last?

      Our lockers come with a 15-year guarantee, meaning they’re designed to last for over 15 years.

      Can the lockers be customized?

      Yes, FSP America’s industrial and mining lockers are tailored to meet specific needs. Our extensive range of customization options, include colors, sizes, and configurations. Additionally, our locker accessories allow further personalization, with options to hang garments, organize space, and provide added security.

      Which industries are FSP America’s lockers suitable for?

      FSP America’s lockers cater to a wide range of industries, spanning from large corporations to small-scale offices, warehouses, and even the mining sector. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

      How do I clean my Cool Lockers®?

      Cleaning our Cool Lockers® is a breeze. Simply hose them out; unlike metal lockers, our lockers won’t rust.

      What locking mechanisms do FSP America’s industrial lockers offer?

      We offer key and electronic digital locks, depending on your preference and security needs.