Heavy-duty, Long-lasting Plastic Letterbox Lockers

Postal lockers prevent important correspondence from being misplaced or opened by people other than the addressee. These storage facilities have safe chambers that only the keyholder can access, ensuring that their post does not end up in the wrong hands. As a renowned manufacturer of modular polyethylene lockers, we understand that confidentiality is essential. Therefore we design high-density polyethylene plastic letterbox lockers for schools, workplaces, sports clubs and the food industry that meet these critical requirements.

UV-stable, Durable Lockers With Multiple Door Configuration

At Cool Lockers, our durable lockers are corrosion, salt, air and humidity resistant, and are an excellent alternative to traditional metal or wood lockers. Available in 25 different colours, our lockers come in A-series to F-series with multiple door configurations. Additionally, these lockers are:

  • Scratchproof
  • Dent-resistant
  • Tamperproof
  • Easy-to-relocate
  • More sustainable
  • Available in Anti-fade colours

In addition, our customisable lockers are made with 100% virgin plastic material and come in various sizes, colours and locking systems.

Robust, Reliable, Customised Letterbox Lockers for Security

Cool Lockers are a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium, quality, ergonomic, plastic letterbox lockers. Our sturdy lockers have standard locking systems to ensure security. These lightweight lockers also require minimal upkeep. Our customised lockers are weather resistant and can easily be cleaned with a simple wash. Quieter to close than metal or timber, these plastic letterbox lockers come with a high-grade stainless steel hinge, perfect for coastal locations and the outdoors. If you are based in Australia and want to build your letterbox lockers, visit our Cool Lockers Custom Locker Builder and fill up your requirements to get the fully assembled lockers.

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115″17 3/4″9 7/8″
215″17 3/4″18 1/8″
315″17 3/4″26 3/8″
415″17 3/4″34 3/8″
5*15″17 3/4″42 7/8″
615″17 3/4″51 1/8″
7*15″17 3/4″59 1/2″
815″17 3/4″67 3/4″
915″17 3/4″75 7/8″

* Contact our locker experts here for availability of this size. 

Slight size variation may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.

Additional information

Length 17.75in
Height 75.9in
Width 15in