FSP Oz Chok® – Solution for safer motoring.

Suitable for:

Cars  – Caravan – Light Trucks  – 4WD

While your car is parked on an incline wheel chock stop you vehicle from rolling.
A Heavy-Duty wheel chock is worthwhile investment for your safety.


  • BREAKTHROUGH! Heavy-duty construction delivers the key to a long lasting product that is tougher than the rest.
  • STRONG! UV Stabilised lets you leave in the sun and it wont crack or split.
  • UPDATED! Rubber feet delivers the key to extra grid on a slope.

Rotationally molded, and constructed using one piece – this makes them lightweight, UV stabilised, heavy-duty, chemical, oil & water-resistant, ultra-durable and resistant to corrosion.

Please complete an adequate risk assessment before using wheel chocks.

Do not use wheel chocks if wheel chocks are damaged.

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Secret: Oz Choks® only Wheel Chock technology  – leads to an Indestructible Wheel Chock

FSP Oz Choks®  are manufactured from 100% Polyethylene and high density urethane foam. All materials used in the construction of our chocks are 100% virgin materials. Heavy-Duty Plastic Wheel Chocks are available in a standard colour of yellow with other colours available on request. Traction pads are fitted to our Oz Choks® for safer usage.

  • Light weight with tough polyethylene construction.
  • 3rd party tested for compliance.
  • ANSI compliant colour written guidelines on proper chocking procedures.
  • Resistant to oils, fuels and solvents.
  • Strong carrying handle on the backside of the chock.
  • High visibility colour used for safety.

How risky is your Cheap Wheel Chocks?
Change to FSP’s Oz Choks® – now.

Dimensions: W x 11.38in D x 8.25in H x 6.5in
Weight: 2.64lbs

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Additional information

Weight 2.64 lbs
Length 11.38in
Height 6.5in
Width 8.25in