Working conditions on mining sites are extremely demanding. Robust equipment that can withstand the tough nature of the working conditions and that won’t let you down is essential.

There’s no compromising on quality, which means high-density polyethylene plastic plays an essential role in manufacturing of safety equipment for the mining industry.

High-density polyethylene plastic mining equipment is  designed to resist high pressure impact and withstand the harshest conditions.

1. Hole Savers Drill and Blast 

Mining operations can be highly dangerous if not managed exceptionally well. Blast holes pose specific hazards to workers and equipment.  Keeping blast holes free from debris is imperative to their safe and effective functioning. Hole savers can be used to prevent loose dirt, any other foreign particle or even small animals like rats or squirrels from falling back into the hole. The visibility of blasting systems and devices whenever loading explosives on a bench is critical to safety. A lack of visibility can increase the likelihood of an accident occurring when working around blastholes.

Blast hole savers can act as an identification mark for drilled holes, significantly increasing their visibility 

High density polyethylene plastic hole savers are lightweight with an easy hand grip to enable efficient operations. Available in bright colours, these hole savers can be visible even from a distance, and are useful for easy demarcation of hazardous areas.

2. Cable Protectors 

With blasts and drilling common around the mining site, high voltage cables are often exposed to flying debris. This can damage the cables, resulting in expensive and time consuming  machine breakdowns. Rotationally moulded polyethylene plastic protectors keep the cables safe from rock damage, high wall recovery and damage during transport.  These cable  protectors are also UV stabilised and hence protect the cable from extreme weather conditions like torrential rains, high temperatures and severe winters. 

3. Engine Protector

Fire accidents can be quite common on mining sites, threatening life and property  High density polyethylene plastic engine protectors are designed to protect drivers in the event of an engine fire, and to allow them critical time to make a safe escape..

If you are looking for high density polyethylene  plastic equipment for mining operations, get in touch with FSP America. We are one of the leading distributors of Australian made heavy-duty plastic mining equipment designed to meet the highest industry standards of excellence, making your mining operations safer and more efficient.

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