Post and Rail Fence – Extrusion/Post

We have engineered and designed unique components for our pvc post and rail fencing system. The part connect securely with each other to create multiple types of fencing to fit for your requirements. The components are rust, saltwater and UV resistant.

An ideal long term replacement option for wooden or steel fencing.

No more painting!

PVC Fence Post

Post and Rail system

  • UV resistant.
  • No painting needed.
  • Corrosion and salt air resistant.
  • 15-year warranty on the plastic components.
Some of the industry’s we are working with include.
  • Farming (wire fencing).
  • Commercial fencing.
  • Mining & Industrial (safety fences).
  • Agriculture (net farming).

*Standard length 90 1/2 inches, other lengths available on request.

*Other colors available on request

Additional Information:

Weight 9.26 lbs
Length 90.55in
Height 3.9in
Width 3.9in

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