With dangerous equipment and potentially hazardous gases in mining tunnels and other high risk environments, the mining industry is particularly vulnerable to the risk of fires and other accidents. This makes having heavy-duty, sturdy and corrosion-resistant fire-safety equipment an indispensable part of operations.  

Fire accidents within underground tunnels can cause catastrophic loss of lives and property. To contain the fire, minimise damage and protect workers in emergencies, it’s essential to have the right safety equipment for mining operations

Some essential fire safety equipment for mining sites: 

  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Fire extinguishers are considered the ‘first line of defence’ for in-house fire-fighting measures and are generally used before the fire services can reach the emergency. Fire extinguishers must be protected from any external elements like dust, corrosion and general damage to ensure they function perfectly when required.

We manufacture a wide variety of cabinets designed specifically to keep extinguishers safe from damage. Our heavy-duty plastic is UV stabilised and highly resistant to environmental elements including water, humidity, salt, dust and dirt. These robust cabinets also minimise the opportunity for intentional or accidental misuse.


  • Fire Hose Reel

Fire hose reels play a vital role in fighting and controlling fires. Being so important, hose reels need to be kept safe from environmental damage. A heavy-duty, durable and rust-resistant hose reel is designed to protect the hose and ensure it is fully functional in the case of emergencies. Fire hose reels  that are resistant to the elements and harsh environmental conditions, can be relied upon to work properly over time and prolong the life of expensive hose pipes.




  • Signage for Better Visibility

Fire accidents and subsequent power failures, along with thick smoke can cause extreme darkness in mining tunnels. This, in addition to the overall low-light settings in a mine can hamper visibility, resulting in chaos and casualties. Having heavy-duty signage becomes a critical element to ensure the safety of employees. Our signs are UV stabilised, sturdy and rust-resistant and are fitted with reflective finishing, allowing employees to find the emergency equipment and exits during any fire accidents.

If you are looking for high-quality polyethylene and polyurethane plastic fire safety equipment for the mining industry, FSP America has an extensive range of products.

Our Australian made products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards for various industries, including mining. These durable and UV stabilised products can withstand environmental factors like air, water and UV rays.