Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Locker Maintenance

Being slammed shut hard and kicked at every other day by students, a school locker is used and abused many times over in its lifetime. All these bumps eventually result in dents, ruptures or cracks. It is not feasible, both financially and even logistically to replace lockers every other year.

If you are tired of expensive maintenance, it’s time for a change! Bring in the new age alternative to traditional lockers. High density polyethylene plastic lockers for students offer ideal storage solutions.

Surefire Ways to Have Durable Locker Solutions that Last For Years

FSP America is one of the reputable brands with extensive experience of distributing an extensive range of plastic student lockers. Over the course of our journey, we have insights into the exclusive storage requirements of different educational institutes.

Our series of modern engineered products are heavy duty and can easily endure any weather conditions. Moreover, these tamper proof storage solutions offer extreme security to ensure your belongings are secure.

Rust is like a disease for traditional lockers. These storage units are vulnerable to oxidation and rusting. Over years these can turn these lockers into liability. The bottomline is that you have to spend hundreds of dollars every year for its upkeep.

However, with our series of heavy duty plastic lockers, the maintenance costs come down considerably. They are made from high density polyethylene plastic, which means that the oxidation process doesn’t take place. Result? – You don’t have to worry about its constant maintenance.

Additionally, our student lockers are super durable, therefore they don’t develop dents, cracks or ruptures even after multiple hammer blows, see here. This means the valuable belongings are kept in a safe place giving you complete peace of mind.

Choose From 25 Different Colors and Brighten up Your School Yard

The traditional metal and wood lockers are monochromatic. Mostly these are available in earthy or grey shades. Needless to say, this doesn’t add any vibrancy to your premises. At FSP America, we have a perfect solution for this too! We have a wide and diverse color palette consisting of 25 colours. Choose your favourite color that resonates with your school’s design.

Talk to our experts at FSP America to find more about your options.