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    FSP America started its journey in the field of manufacturing two decades ago and today it’s one of the reputed distributors of premium quality polyethylene products from heavy-duty plastic lockers to extremely durable mining equipment. Manufactured using new and innovative techniques, our high density products are UV resistant, rust, corrosion, abrasion proof and meet the highest standards of quality control.
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    Cool Lockers - Plastic Lockers Utilising extensive experience of over two decades, FSP America Cool Lockers distributes a broad range of modern, ergonomic and eco-friendly lockers for educational institutions and workplaces. Our UV stable, dent and rust proof lockers are ideal for schools, universities, gyms, offices, fitness centers, emergency personnel and the food industries. Our custom made lockers are not…
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    High Quality PVC Fencing Supplier in USA  If you are looking for high-quality mining fences, FSP America's got world innovative solutions. We are one of the reputed distributors of a wide range of polyethylene products including heavy-duty plastic PVC fences. Our fences are corrosion resistant and offer excellent solutions for the mining and rural farming industries. Made from high-density polyethylene…
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    Fire and Safety Products We have an extensive range of heavy-duty, high density polyethylene products for the fire & safety industry. Today, we are one of the most reputed brands when it comes to premium quality polyethylene fire safety equipment. Our supreme grade products are designed to last long and endure any extreme working condition. With our advanced engineering, we…
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    Superior Quality Plastic Products for the Mining Industry: FSP America has decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying high-end plastic products for the mining industry. Our products are made from high-density polyethylene and are reliable for the harsh working conditions of the mining industry. Heavy-duty Plastic Lockers for the Mining Industry: We offer a wide range of heavy-duty plastic lockers…
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    FSP America has earned a reputation of being one of the top manufacturers and distributors of a board range of high density polyethylene products. Our premium quality, UV stable and highly durable products are designed with utmost precision to meet our high standards. Applying modern engineering and a modern approach towards problem solving, we deliver the best in class products…
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    Choks for Various Industry FSP America offers superior quality and durable chocks for various industries. We are one of the top distributors of high density polyethylene wheel chocks and provide UV stable, abrasion and chemical resistant solutions. With an unflinching focus on offering durable and high quality, we ensure our chocks meet our highest quality standards. Moulded from polyethylene and…
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    Super Durable & UV Stable Safety Products Supplier  With more than two decades of experience, we are one of the leading distributors of superior quality polyethylene products. Our range of super durable and UV stable safety products are designed to withstand the harsh working conditions. In addition to this, our products pass through a meticulous quality control test that ensures…
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    Trusted Supplier of Premium Grade Storage Boxes in USA  FSP America is one of the most trusted distributors of a large variety of high density and heavy-duty polyethelene products. We have durable, UV stable and rust-resistant premium-grade storage products. Additionally, we design our storage solutions as per the specifications and configurations set by the concerned authorities. We make our products…
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    A Series – School Lockers A Series – School Lockers Quick View
    • A Series – School Lockers A Series – School Lockers Quick View
    • A Series – School Lockers
    • Here's the perfect solution if you want to save money on locker maintenance Schools or businesses installing FSP COOL LOCKERS® Plastic Lockers have many reasons to be confident that they have one of the most vandal resistant and durable lockers available today. Features: UV resistant. Won't dent. Solid colour (no Paint or laminate). Corrosion and Weather resistant. Secure locker loop…

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    • B Series B Series Quick View
    • B Series
    • Added Depth For Sports Gear, Musical Instruments or Tools The same width as the A Series locker but the added depth (our deepest locker) accommodates coat hooks and rails (optional accessories). The extra space you need for larger items like musical instruments, tools or sports equipment The durable locker construction is a fabulous replacement for metal or wood lockers. OzLoka®…

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    • C Series C Series Quick View
    • C Series
    • Deeper and wider than the A Series, this locker is perfect for storing larger items such as sporting equipment, golf clubs or musical instruments. So goodbye to metal and wood lockers the Cool Lockers Plastic Lockers are constructed of long-lasting and sturdy plastic. Features include: Extra width Graffiti & UV resistant Anti-fade colours Low maintenance cost

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    • D Series D Series Quick View
    • D Series
    • Narrower width than the A Series but the same depth. Ideal when site space is at a premium. Can store backpacks and other smaller personal items. The Heavy- Duty (HDPE) plastic build outlasts metal and wood lockers. The Cool Lockers brand has been supplying lockers for over 20 years. Narrow-body UV resistant Smaller footprint Silent doors

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    • E Series E Series Quick View
    • E Series
    • Our smallest locker footprint, designed for projects where space maximization if critical. Storage for personal items, bags and small laptops and tablets. The plastic material manufactured in our lockers outwears metal, wooden and laminated lockers. Cool Lockers, supplying plastic school lockers for over 20 years to schools and industry. Features: Smallest-body Square base Water-resistant One-piece construction

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    • Letterbox Lockers Letterbox Lockers Quick View
    • Letterbox Lockers
    • Heavy-duty, Long-lasting Plastic Letterbox Lockers Postal lockers prevent important correspondence from being misplaced or opened by people other than the addressee. These storage facilities have safe chambers that only the keyholder can access, ensuring that their post does not end up in the wrong hands. As a renowned manufacturer of modular polyethylene lockers, we understand that confidentiality is essential. Therefore…

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    • Pigeon Hole Lockers Pigeon Hole Lockers Quick View
    • Pigeon Hole Lockers
    • Heavy-duty temporary storage for outside/outside a classroom, workplace or offices. Keep the classroom space free of tripping hazards like bags and books. The Pigeon Hole lockers are manufactured in two sizes, C4 and D6, using the same patented Cool Lockers design/process used to our make standard lockers. Custom sizes available ask our sales representative for more information. Some Features: Permanent…

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    • Tool Lockers Tool Lockers Quick View
    • Tool Lockers
    • More secure than a garden shed and bigger than any of our other series, these tool series plastic lockers are ideal for storing items in a garage and offer a custom interior layout. Cool Lockers Plastic Lockers from Australia are a great innovative and long-lasting alternative to the traditional metal and wood lockers. Made from polyethylene, they are designed to…

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Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Locker Maintenance

Being slammed shut hard and kicked at every other day by students, a school locker is used and abused many times over in its lifetime. All these bumps eventually result in dents, ruptures or cracks. It is not feasible, both financially and even logistically to replace lockers every other year.

If you are tired of expensive maintenance, it’s time for a change! Bring in the new age alternative to traditional lockers. High density polyethylene plastic lockers for students offer ideal storage solutions.

Surefire Ways to Have Durable Locker Solutions that Last For Years

FSP America is one of the reputable brands with extensive experience of distributing an extensive range of plastic student lockers. Over the course of our journey, we have insights into the exclusive storage requirements of different educational institutes.

Our series of modern engineered products are heavy duty and can easily endure any weather conditions. Moreover, these tamper proof storage solutions offer extreme security to ensure your belongings are secure.

Rust is like a disease for traditional lockers. These storage units are vulnerable to oxidation and rusting. Over years these can turn these lockers into liability. The bottomline is that you have to spend hundreds of dollars every year for its upkeep.

However, with our series of heavy duty plastic lockers, the maintenance costs come down considerably. They are made from high density polyethylene plastic, which means that the oxidation process doesn’t take place. Result? – You don’t have to worry about its constant maintenance.

Additionally, our student lockers are super durable, therefore they don’t develop dents, cracks or ruptures even after multiple hammer blows, see here. This means the valuable belongings are kept in a safe place giving you complete peace of mind.

Choose From 25 Different Colors and Brighten up Your School Yard

The traditional metal and wood lockers are monochromatic. Mostly these are available in earthy or grey shades. Needless to say, this doesn’t add any vibrancy to your premises. At FSP America, we have a perfect solution for this too! We have a wide and diverse color palette consisting of 25 colours. Choose your favourite color that resonates with your school’s design.

Talk to our experts at FSP America to find more about your options.

Industrial Lockers

Build your lockers…your way.

Cool Lockers have unique advantages over lockers made from other materials such as timber and metal. They are designed to last and to keep looking good in all environments. Our Cool Lockers are easy to clean – simply hose them out NO RUST.