Discover! Must-have emergency lockers, ideal storage solution for staff … Now!

Heavy-duty lockers

  • reduce storage costs.
    •  emergency P.P.E. lockers suitable for decades.

Hook and hang rails

  • store uniforms wrinkle free
    • your clothes are ready to wear.

Water resistant

  • quickly clean off any dust or marks.
    • you will have rust free lockers.

UV stable

  • have an outdoor storage area.
    • you have flexibility for planning your company’s clothes storage needs
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Maximise you’re storage investment

Heavy-duty construction so you can maximize you’re storage investment and that means lockers that will last for years.

Don’t buy other lockers without trying this storage solution for staff first.

25 colors: choose from 25 colors to suit your company which means you can a brighter storage solutions. Also use a designated color to signify P.P.E

Heavy-duty lockers WHY: you reduce storage costs and that means emergency lockers suitable for decades.

Additional information

Length 17.7in
Height 34.64in
Width 15in