How to Replace Scratched and Reeking Wood Sport Lockers with Durable Alternatives?

For centuries, wood has been used (and still used) to make storage units. Wood sports lockers are a common sight even today in numerous schools, gyms and health clubs.

Highly regarded for its rustic aesthetic, wood has always been preferred over other materials. However, when it comes to durability the wood lockers don’t rank high. Undoubtedly, wood has a classic appearance. But, the new-age HDPE lockers outweigh wood in sturdiness.

Thinking of Buying Sports Lockers? Read this First

FSP America is a topmost distributor of heavy-duty, durable and premium-quality HDPE sport lockers. Ideal for gyms, schools, football clubs, swimming clubs and more, these lockers are made out of solid HDPE and resist bacteria, mold and mildew. Our array of sports lockers offer easy and low cost solutions for exercise rooms, gyms and fitness centers.

Unlike the traditional wood storage units, these lockers don’t chip, easily. This means you can cut down the extra cost on maintenance, making it a one-time investment.

Ultra Durable to Avoid Scratches, Mold and Dents

Where there’s humidity, there’s mildew and mold. Sweaty and dirty sport equipment, results in a Turkish bath like conditions in a sports club.

Such levels of moisture give way to unsightly lockers laden with mold. Our series of football lockers for sale offers convenient and cost-efficient storage space. These well-ventilated lockers eliminate the musty odor that is caused due to the build-up of sweaty clothes and athletic equipment.

One of the pressing problems with a wood locker is that they are porous which means they can absorb odor. This can make the conditions in your premises unwelcoming and unsanitary. Our lockers are built in such a way that they aren’t just appealing, but allow better airflow ensuring the interiors are fresh and free of dank smell.

Moreover, you will never have to worry about these lockers rusting and delaminating. They are easy to clean and give you a chance to steam clean or power wash the lockers ensuring a clean and sanitary environment.

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