Two door School Locker

4 Tier Height – Standard Green Comfortably fits most backpacks and room for other books and items. This Locker is one of our most popular door configurations for schools. Can be quickly staked onto of another 4 tier 2 door locker for the ideal storage option for a school hallway. The Lockers come with a 15-year warranty which you will rarely find with wood or metal lockers Locker Features:
  • UV Stable.
  • Quieter (no banging doors).
  • Soft corners and edges.
  • Lightweight & Stackable.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Graffiti resistant.
  • 25 colour available
  • 100% recyclable.
Slight size variations may occur due to manufacturing process. Email our locker experts for more information.

Custom Build Your Lockers Your Way

The Cool Lockers® system is based on a simple modular system that allows you incredible flexibility. Choose your locker body
– then your locker height – finally how many doors. Create your own unique locker installation in three simple steps: