Industrial Grade Plastic Products for Civil Aviation:

FSP America offers a comprehensive solution of industrial-grade plastic products to meet the challenges of the civil aviation industry. Our plastic products for the civil aviation industry include customized storage cabinets, chock brackets, fire extinguisher cabinets, hose reel covers, palette angles, safety barriers and more.

Highly Durable Lockers for Civil Aviation:

Our new range of UV-stabilized lockers is quality-tested and highly functional for civil aviation. These lockers are ideal for storing mobile phones, laptops, tools, clothes and more. The spacious lockers conveniently accommodate additional accessories, such as a rail hook, USB charging port, locking system and more. The lockers for the civil aviation industry are made from high-density polyurethane plastic and are resistant to heavy impacts, dust, salt, water, and corrosive elements.

Advanced Fire Safety Equipment for Civil Aviation:

The UV stabilized fire safety equipment for civil aviation is resistant to corrosion, water, salt and harmful chemicals. They are sturdy and will maintain optimum functionality for years to come. Our fire safety equipment includes fire extinguisher cabinets, flag stands, hose reel covers, and more.

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