Advanced and Secure Locker Solutions for Sports Arena

Sports are deeply ingrained in the American culture. It’s a cultural phenomenon that binds the entire nation together. Whether it’s baseball or basketball, a large number of people throng the stadium during a sporting event.
Over the years, such massive gatherings have raised concerns over safety and security of the spectators’ possessions. In a bid to restrict spectators bringing in illegal substances or any weapons, several stadiums have put a bag policy in place.

As this policy ensures public safety and facilitates faster entry, several sport arenas across the states have adopted this policy.

As a part of this policy, spectators can only carry a reusable bag and a small clutch bag. Meaning that the spectators are required to keep other bags or belongings in their cars. No matter how securely you lock the car, they are not immune to break-ins. Surveys show that spectators have a constant worry of theft or misplacing their belongings while at a stadium. Therefore, having a secure storage solution where spectators can keep their valuables safely becomes essential.

Give the Spectators Peace of Mind with Stadium Lockers

Stadium and sporting arenas face incredibly complex storage challenges. FSP Coollockers brings you a range of stadium trailer lockers that are made to resolve many of the storage problems. Each of our sport lockers feature rotationally moulded one-piece construction, making them vandalism proof.

As the policy holds for several venues and stadiums, storage lockers have to be kept at least 100 yards from the spectators’ stands. Therefore, a storage locker becomes vulnerable to thieves or break-ins. Our collection of lockers doesn’t have any seams or welds, making it nearly impossible to break in. Additionally, there are no corners or weak-edged seams, creating lockers that are extremely durable and last for years.

Storage space is one of the key concerns for stadium administrators. Under the no-carry policy, the spectators can only have clear plastic or vinyl bags that shouldn’t be bigger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″. The lockers feature broad bodies and have ample space to store a large backpack or duffel bag.

In addition to this, these lockers feature an advanced electronic combination lock which can be reset after each use. This makes it virtually impossible to break into.

The United States is a huge country with a great deal of diversity in its climate. Torrential rains and heavy snowfall are a regular phenomena in most American states. Therefore, stadiums need water resistant lockers, which don’t rust even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. They offer a great storage solution for outdoor sports arenas. These corrosion resistant lockers, therefore, prove to be a smart one-time investment with a 15 year warranty.

As compared to other materials, plastic stadium lockers can even be installed outdoors without worrying about rust or UV (sun) damage. This reduces the cost of maintenance significantly and ensures a longer lasting storage solution.

If you are looking for durable and heavy-duty stadium trailer lockers, contact us.

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